Meet EDC Creations Online

EDC Creations, The Sankofa Literary Society and The Black Authors Network announced the launch of their 2008-2009 "Give the Gift of Knowledge Campaign," bringing readers and authors together to help improve literacy.

In 2004, during the Christmas holidays, Ella Curry, the founder of EDC Creations, reached out to women's groups and literary organizations to help promote early literacy by giving new books to children from low income homes. Today, the "Give the Gift of Knowledge Campaign," seeks to expand even further by giving the gift of knowledge 365 days a year!

“Based on the “each one teach one,” model, our goal is to help people introduce reading and new books to their family and friends,” says CEO and founder of EDC creations, Ella Curry. “Instead of giving expensive gifts that don't shape lives----let's “Give the Gift of Knowledge” and help to strengthen our future generations!”

Each year thousands of people — educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers — devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books! However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve. It is our mission to connect readers with these hidden gems and bring them books that will change their lives.

Each week EDC Creations will sponsor bookclub chats, live readings from authors, podcast presentations, seminars, community relations discussions, and radio shows that deliver the best our writers have to offer. All we ask is that the readers of the world spread the word.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build the most successful network of readers, authors and publishers by bringing together the talents, efforts, and relationships necessary for a greater collective success. At EDC Creations every client is vital to us and our community. Your success and ours are truly dependent on each other. Without your support, we cannot deliver the information and resources that are so important to millions of people who read in the world.

We will give our all in order to help you meet the challenges you face by developing innovative programs that really work, with the audience we have come to know and love.

Through the ups and downs of these trying times, our partners and loyal supporters have stuck together and have emerged as industry leaders in building rich, credible, and inviting communities for people around the world, and from all walks of life, whatever their interests and lifestyles. We strive to continue to bring you the most stimulating content on the web.

Future Goals
Our president and chief executive officer, Ella Curry, is determined to become one of the most powerful literary conglomerates in the industry. Offering the self-published and independently published author the same quality of exposure as the traditionally published author. By 2012, we hope to have our own radio show on AM radio, our cable TV literary show launched and to bring new books and the authors who create them, to millions of readers around world. Join us in this drive to Give the Gift of Knowledge!

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