Interview with author Marcia King-Gamble

Hello BAN Readers, today we are honored with a visit from Marcia King-Gamble. Marcia King-Gamble will share with us the journey to getting published and the most Intimate Connections within the books.

As part of our Intimate Conversation interviews, we always give the author a chance to tell us things not found on the back cover. Continue to read the extraordinary interview with bestselling author Marcia King-Gamble discussing her new book Meet Phoenix (ISBN: 0-373-86077-3) and sharing a glimpse inside the world of an published author. The Sankofa Literary Society has selected Meet Phoenix as book of the month featured title.

Marcia King-Gamble is a national best selling author, and an ex-travel industry executive. She’s lived in five different states and traveled to some of the more exotic parts of the world. The Far East, Venice and New Zealand are still her favorites.

She enjoys a good work out, is passionate about animals, old houses, and tearjerker movies. Marcia is also the editor of a monthly newsletter entitled Marcia’s Romantically Yours. Log onto her website and find out what she’s all about.

Books by Marcia King-Gamble
Hook, Line & Single - Harlequin January 2008
The Way He Moves - Harlequin May 2008
Meet Phoenix - Harlequin August 2008

Bring your 3 main characters to life. Tell us who they are and what you love about them.
One of my main character's, Phoenix is an African American art restoration specialist. She's beautiful, talented, and determined. I enjoyed writing about her because she is strong and principled; strong enough to walk away from a man she loves to find herself. Damon, Phoenix's love interest and ex is playful, talented and totally irreverent. He's a man's man but Buddhism has tempered some rough edges. He's a good balance for Phoenix and is sexy as they come. Then there's Phoenix's father, a disgraced art curator, struggling to recover and be his former self. We're dealing with real people here but even with flaws these are people we love.

How did you feel when you saw your book on the shelf for the first time?
It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. For so many years I had visualized seeing my book on the shelf, and then there it was. I stood for a long time with tears in my eyes holding my book and wallowing in all the emotions that come with knowing my hard work had paid off.

What is your process for creating a novel? Do you plot out the story or do the characters speak to you?
I am a seat of the pants writer, meaning I get an idea in my head, I jot notes and then start writing. I'll let my story take me wherever and then I'll clean it up. No story boards for me or detailed outlines. I find that very restrictive and hampers my creativity.

Could you imagine your life without writing today?
It would be difficult to imagine. Writing has become therapy for me. I write every day and will continue to do so whether under contract or not. It's become a way of life and I enjoy the camaraderie that I have with other writers who understand that writing can be addictive and you lose all sense of time.

As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to convey to readers through your books?
In addition to providing a good read, my goal is to educate my fans. My topics are usually current. Because of my extensive travel background I try to introduce fun and unusual settings. My overall message is that with a little perseverance and some clear thinking any obstacle can be overcome. Good triumphs over evil and love prevails. Call me an idealist but I truly believe. Maybe it's the laws of attraction talking.