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Extraordinary Expressions Publishing

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True Crime Story By Twin Sisters of Punishment & Redemption

Takes Publishing World By Storm

Picture this. †Identical twin sisters, two young mothers whose lives seem like the scenes from a crime drama—complete with money-making schemes, prison, guns, sex, dangerous men, abusive relationships, hard partying, family estrangements, deals with the feds, low-self esteem, homelessness, ill-gotten material wealth. It's all within the pages of Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars, the compelling true-life story of Marisa and Alisha Readus, twin sisters from Texas. This page-turner reveals their journey through incarceration before,†during, and after.

A Time To Commit A Crime
Two struggling young mothers, eager to improv…

Reply to Letter to My Daugther by Dr. Maya Angelou

Letter to My Daugther by Dr. Maya Angelou

Here is a very heart felt reply to Dr. Maya Angelou's new book Letter to My Daughter.

Listen to the interview that inspired this poem.
Ella Curry has an Intimate Conversation with Dr. Maya Angelou

A Reply From A Daughter

This is a daughter in search of her mother
Whom she never had the pleasure to greet
But longing to erase that void in her life
On the day when their paths meet

I inherited a gift of poetry
But have no-one or where to turn
And it's my sincere prayer
That one day I may sit with you and learn

I saw you on TV
And heard your voice on a radio
But still I was left
With no direction on where to go

Although we are like strangers
Only connected by a gift
I need wisdom spoken into my life
So that this gift can be shifted

Shifted to another level
So that It may grow
And to what height
Only God knows

I hope to one day meet you
Maybe even to hold a pen, you wrote with
That carries your touch
I know that may seem like nothing
But to this daughter- it's mu…

Coming Up on "Write The Vision". . . LaSHELL GRIFFIN

Tune in anytime to the Write The Vision Podcast:

Coming Up in the New Season of Write The Vision

New season line-up beginning Monday, October 6, 2008. . .

LaShell Griffin of "Dreams Are Possible"

LaShell was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up on the eastside in the projects and had a tough time growing up. Church was always a highlight for her and she knew music was her mission. From the time she was 9, LaShell longed to sing in the choir. When she was old enough to join at 13, LaShell was given solos on a regular basis. By the time she was in her late teens, LaShell started to gain her confidence. “I started off holding my head down when I sang,” LaShell says. “Then I started looking at the ceiling, then the clock in front of me. Finally, I just started singing with my eyes closed, so I could tune out everything and everyone and just deliver.” …

Breaking the Silence of Child Molestation


Stephanie L. Jones LLC, Publisher
Phone: 313.493.0001

The Enemy Between My Legs: Breaking the Silence of Child Molestation

Sexual abuse survivor and advocate, Stephanie L. Jones, joins BET Women’s Health Symposium in Savannah, GA

Detroit, MI – Calling all parents, teenagers, sexual abuse victims, and advocacy groups – Stephanie L. Jones, author of ESSENCE Magazine and best-selling book, The Enemy Between My Legs, joins the BET Foundation at their 2008 Women’s Health Symposium in Savannah, Georgia. On Saturday, October 18th, noon – 2:00 p.m. at Savannah State University’s Tiger Arena, Jones will share her personal testimony of enduring and overcoming almost 8 years of child molestation. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session where Jones will provide prevention tips for parents and caretakers.

“I’m excited about this op…

Re: Building Sasha by Renee Bess

Can Sasha Lewis, an executive with a Philadelphia home construction company, overcome the vindictiveness of her partner and find the woman who will heal her heart? Category: Entertainment

[Straight From The Maverick] Don't Let Pastor Guilt-Trip You!

It is my opinion that Sen. Barack Obama, barring some unforeseen blunder within the next five-plus weeks, should and will be elected as this country's next president. My only admonition to my fellow black voters is not to let your pastor, who may ascribe to the conservative and Republican Party's core ideology, guilt-trip you should you vote for him.

The Republican Party knows historically the Civil Rights movement was born out of the black church, but it caught on to something leading up to the 2000 and 2004 elections when the George Bush campaign managed to steer away about 10 percent of the black vote. My desire is to see blacks make informed decisions and not those derived by means of spiritual manipulation.

For example, sixteen years ago while I lived in Richmond, Va., a prominent pastor and his assistant at the church I once attended took opportunity during the service to speak critically of those of us who supported and voted for Bill Clinton. The assistant pastor said th…

[Straight From The Maverick] It's Still the Economy, Stupid!

I'm sure there will be people who support John McCain that say that he did a fine job representing himself in tonight's presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi, against Barack Obama. The same thing will also be said by those who support Obama.

I think what tonight's debate did was firmly establish the distinct contrast in the two of them: McCain has a very narrow and near-sighted approach to dealing with this nation's problems both domestically and abroad; Obama is willing to have a much wider perspective on dealing with the same problems that confront us, making emphasis that the problems of this world requires a 21st century solution to 21st century problems.

For that reason, Obama may have kept his challenge from his Democratic Party convention speech that if McCain wants to talk about who has the disposition and judgment to serve as commander in chief of this country, that would be a debate he's ready to have.

Point well taken, point well served. The question i…



Xpress Yourself Publishing, LLC

P.O. Box 1615
Upper Marlboro , Maryland 20773
Contact: Erica Hart, Public Relations
Phone: (301) 390-3645
Web Site:



Upper Marlboro, Maryland, September 26, 2008 — Xpress Yourself Publishing, LLC received the Independent Publishing House of the Year Award from the African American Literary Awards Show, the most comprehensive awards show ever to recognize, honor, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and contributions of the publishing, arts and entertainment industries. The ceremony was held at the HarlemStage Gatehouse in Harlem , New York on September 25, 2008.

Xpress Yourself Publishing is an English-language publisher headquartered in Upper Marlboro, Maryland . The house of ESSENCE® national best-selling authors Bill Holmes, author of On…

[Straight From The Maverick] A Presidental Case for Affirmative Action

It's too bad that Sen. Barack Obama, when he is elected as this country's next president, cannot remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court bench. But Obama's election as president will serve as an effective counterargument why affirmative action remains necessary.

Affirmative action, if used correctly by the intended beneficiary, justifies the spirit of its intent: when given the opportunity to enter into an arena, a person can author his or her own destiny and not allow someone else to dictate what that destiny may behold.

Whether Thomas, or any of those who espouse his ideology, is willing to acknowledge it or not, is a man scorned by his failure to successfully launch his legal aspirations following his graduation from Yale University. His own arguments and legal opinions are nothing more than vitriol against the very legal landmark that made possible for him to pursue higher education more than three decades ago.

Thomas has articulated in speaking engagements and in h…

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Signal Flow Productions
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Signal Flow Productions provides voiceovers to fully produced commercials for authors and artists who have or are releasing their latest works. Whatever your voice needs are, Signal Flow Production¡¦s voice talent can handle them.

Whether your advertising a product, service or promotion, Signal Flow Productions provides Audio Advertising Campaigns that enhance your business profile on the World Wide Web.

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Intimate Conversations Showcase with Linda Mayfield-Hayes

SLS Intimate Conversations Showcase with author Linda Mayfield-Hayes

Recently Ella Curry, CEO of EDC Creations ( and founder of the Sankofa Literary Society ( had the opportunity to talk with the author of book Afroetry, Linda Mayfield-Hayes.

SLS Intimate Conversations Interview Questions

Tell us your latest news?
I haven't been very active lately, but this past summer, I was invited to be the featured guest at a poetry event held in Greenville, South Carolina. After the event, the church pastor asked me to read a few of my poems at his church, and set up a table and chair for me to sell a few books. Not only did I sell all 50 copies I had carried with me, but I received several more orders through the mail. This was very exciting experience, and I met so many wonderful people.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
My father died of a brain tumor when I was 14 years old. Shortly after, I retreated into my own little world. …

Intimate Conversations with Agnes B. Levine

SLS Intimate Conversations Showcase with Agnes B. Levine

Recently Ella Curry, CEO of EDC Creations ( and founder of the Sankofa Literary Society ( had the opportunity to talk with the author of the book Cooling Well Water, Agnes B. Levine.

SLS Intimate Conversations Interview Questions

Tell us your latest news?
My highly anticipated book, "Cooling Well Water: A Collection of Work By An African-American Bi-Polar Woman" ("Cooling Water or Collection") is in the final stages of publishing. I am truly excited and over-whelmed with joy that this Collection will be released this year. Of course, I am staying busy with seeing this Collection to the final stages of publishing by tending to fine details and praying to stay under God's guidance.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I have always considered myself a writer and writing has always considered me. However, it was not until the aftermath of my father&…

Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman

Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman

Synopsis: Take an unforgettable journey with Victoria Small, a smart, savvy sister who's fresh off a year-long, self-imposed hiatus--from men! Now that she's ready to start dating again, she gets more than she bargained for when Ted Thornton, a powerful blue-eyed CEO, and Parker Brightwood, a talented, ambitious young surgeon, enter her life. As Victoria's relationship heats up with both men, she resurrects a painful secret she thought she'd buried long ago, and finds herself doing things she never thought she'd do! Along the way she's joined by a colorful cast of friends and foes as she tests the boundaries of love, race, class and where she fits in.

Distributors: Baker & Taylor (available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million)

Author Bio-- Prior to writing, Trice Hickman's diverse professional career included work in both corporate and non-profit organizations. She holds a B.A. from Winston-Sale…



by Swaggie

If you missed featured Author, Pat G'Orge-Walker on the evening of Sunday, February 10, 2008, you didn't miss a thing. That's because she swept the nation off its feet and I was there to witness the whole thing. Now your blessed because I'm going to fill you in. Ain't God good, amen? Amen!

Alright, let's get the pleasantries out of the way. I draped myself in a black kaftan with gold satin trim (hey, it was a 2 for 1 deal, ok...). In addition to another cup of mango rooibus tea from South Africa, I had some butter wafer cookies with almonds (umm-hm). Now, I was also still a little shakey from all that supernatural stuff from the night before and the winds had been gusting all day. Therefore, I had my bible out next to the never know, right?

Anyway, let me tell y'all that Ms. G'Orge-Walker, better known as Sister Betty, is a force not to be reckoned with! It became abundan…

Meet Author Deanna Michelle Smith

Reign Storm by Deanna Michelle Smith

REIGN STORM by Deanna Michelle Smith is the story of Storm, a beautiful high school student who thinks the world revolves around her. Not only is she beautiful but she drives a nice car, wears expensive clothes, attends the best school, has the perfect boyfriend and gets everything she wants because her parents spoil her abundantly. Storm believes her beauty is the key to success, and even though her best friend tries to tell her beauty is only skin deep, it falls on deaf ears. She is so caught up in glamour and materialism she ends up in a situation that is not only detrimental to her well-being, but is sure to affect those she loves in a disastrous way.

Author Bio:
Deanna Michelle Smith was born and raised on the south side of Chicago , IL .
She attended Northern Illinois University majoring in Business Administration and maintained a position on the Dean's List. She began writing at an early age in order to vent frustrations without getting i…



It seems like every day now, I hear on the news or read in a newspaper, the tale of the rape of a young girl, be she 3 years old or 16 years old, or as old as eighty decades or more. And at times, the rapist, in his vile, demonic quest for sexual gratification, goes as far as to rape and destroy the tender body of a baby girl, as young as nine months old, who has not yet learned to crawl.

Each time I hear these tales, I am appalled, I am disgusted, I am angered that such an horrific deed continues to infest and infect our society. I must admit, I am terrified that one day it might be my child, my neighbor, or even my own body that is so viciously violated. I am told that rape is not about love, not about sex, not about enjoyment. I am told that rape is about power, about control, about dominance. Is this so, is this true, is that what rape is about?

Then tell me, please, why must a rapist humiliate, desecrate, even terminate the life of a w…

Have You Ever Been Sexually Abused?

One in 3 females and 1 in 5 males are sexually abused as children and 90% of the time it’s at the hands of a family member, close family friend, or trusted leader. It’s not a stranger on the street, but it’s someone the victim loves and trust. Some of the results of sexual abuse include low self-esteem, health problem, sexual promiscuity, teenage pregnancy, abortion, excessive spending habits, and problems forming and maintaining relationships.

66% of teen pregnancies and abortions are preceded by sexual abuse.
96% of prostitutes were sexual abuse victims.
75% of rapists were sexual abuse victims.
60% of children who experience abuse and neglect are more likely to be arrested at some point in their lives.
I know what it feels like to endure years of sexual abuse and suffer in silence. I was sexually abused for over seven years, beginning at age five. However, it wasn’t until I was almost 30 years old that I told someone about it and addressed how it affected my teenage and young adult …

CNN’s Black in America: My Version of That Story

CNN’s Black in America: My Version of That Story

by Andrea Blackstone

Last night, I met with some friends in a cozy spot, chatting about business and life. To the right of our booth, a flat screen commanded our attention. In my between laughs and brainstorming, the majority of patrons paused when the segment began. In fact, nearly everything ceased. Forks rested on plates, and robust chatter quieted. Most of the patrons of the quaint spot in DC, were people of color who stopped by to unwind after a long day at work. If someone is speaking about a group to which he or she belongs, most people instinctually take interest in wanting to know exactly what will be said about them. In this case, "them" was "us." You know, black folk.

My eyes followed a few scenes that included a glimpse of a neighborhood, then a shot of black hands clenching steel prison bars. I can't speak to the entire show, since I couldn't manage to stomach the entire presentation, but when…